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Sandy grew up with a great appreciation for rock, pop, and metal music. However, he also developed a love for country music during high school and college, thanks to the jukebox at the Waffle House he frequented. Although the quiet type, he found that he really enjoyed singing, and in his early adult years, he would sometimes perform at the local karaoke bars. Country music was a natural fit for Sandy’s voice. 

In 2018, he was offered the chance to join a local cover band as their lead singer, alongside his guitar-playing brother Tory, playing rock classics. Sandy didn’t hesitate to take the bull by the horns and rise to the challenge.  

Eventually, Sandy and Tory started their own successful 80s cover band, 80s Gadgets, and have been performing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2021.  

In late 2022, Tory hatched an idea around starting a ’90s country band with Sandy, where his vocal talents could shine. And so, 90 PROOF Country was born.  


Tory Glen Smith is the founder, booking manager, and rhythm guitarist for 90 PROOF Country (and little brother of the lead singer whom he affectionately refers to as the “Superman Singer”).

Growing up in North Texas, Tory fondly remembers listening to country hits played during his teenage and college years. After attending country music concerts by Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen, King George, and Garth, Tory vividly recalls the spirit and energy of the ’90s country music era and decided to keep that spirit alive and well by forming a band where other country music fans could re-live some of their youth. 

After hearing his bro croon tunes such as Neon Moon and Tennessee Whiskey as good as the original artist, Tory had an epiphany to start a country band with Sandy – allowing him to share his gift with others.

After a 5 minute conversation with Sandy (and a few more conversations with some of the best musicians in North Texas), 90 PROOF Country was born.

Tory Smith
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Ben Smith of 90 PROOF Country @ The Pour Shack, Keller, TX. Photo by Chris Baudo.
Photo by Flashback Photography


Ben has spent most of his career mainly in pop, rock, and heavy metal bands. However, being born and raised in the beautiful countryside of West Texas, Ben knows a thing or two about country music. As a young kid, you could often find Ben sitting in front of the television watching classics like Hee-Haw, The Grand Ole’ Opry, and Crook & Chase. In high school, you would more than likely find him after every Friday night game with his buddies, cruising the backroads or hanging out at the lake or low-water crossing, jamming to Dwight Yoakam, King George, Mark Chesnutt, Alabama, and just about every other country artist at the time.

Over his music career, while he has sat in with many country bands and artists on live performances and recording sessions, 90 PROOF Country is the first country group that Ben has devoted himself to full-time. It’s hard for him not to though, considering the talent surrounding him and the nostalgia felt by performing songs from what some may call “the greatest era in country music”.


Dave Powell, the lead guitarist, boasts an illustrious career spanning more than three decades in the music industry. Hailing from the vibrant music hub of Dallas/Ft. Worth, he has made a significant mark on the scene. Throughout his journey, Dave’s artistry has been influenced by a diverse range of musical styles and players, showcasing his versatility in performing genres as varied as rock, metal, jazz, and country.

With his trusty black telecaster always at his side, Dave has had the honor of collaborating with numerous esteemed Texas country artists. Noteworthy achievements include mesmerizing performances at the esteemed Country Music Awards, captivating showcases for major label Nashville companies like Sony BMG, an impressive tenure as the house country band at Carnival Cruise Lines, and numerous prestigious opening slots for acclaimed artists such as Pat Green, Randy Rogers, Kevin Fowler, and many others.

Dave’s extensive experience and skill set have culminated in an impressive and well-respected career, earning him the title of a “rocked up, energy-driven” Texas country guitar slinger. 

Dave Powell, Lead Guitar for 90 PROOF Country
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Meet Tim Wall, the rockstar behind the drums and a true connoisseur of music! Ever since his teenage days, Tim’s been banging the drums with such passion that even the neighbors can’t resist grooving to his beats (or complaining about the noise).

He had a brilliant epiphany one day: “Girls always like the drummer!” And so, Tim embarked on his musical journey, ready to charm his way into hearts with every crash and bang.

When Tim isn’t busy being the heartbeat of a band, you’ll find him embracing all types of music like a devoted lover. Whether it’s classic rock, jazz, or even the occasional guilty pleasure of pop music, Tim appreciates it all and can’t help but air-drum his way through life.

So, here’s to Tim Wall, the drummer extraordinaire, who knows how to keep the beat and the party going. His music fills hearts and minds, making every performance an unforgettable spectacle.


Drumsticks in hand since age 7, Chris’s passion for drumming ignited the moment he got his first kit. It wasn’t just a hobby; it was the start of a lifelong dream.

Chris’s drumming journey took him from high school stages to professional gigs across the U.S. He rocked out at top venues in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City casinos.

Back in Dallas, Chris became a fixture in the local music scene, playing with bands like Out of the Blue, Model Citizen, and Secret Service.

His talents were in high demand. Chris has been a driving force behind numerous projects, including the country-rock band Miles from Home, the legendary local rock outfit Afterlife, the party band The Night Shift, and the classic rock tribute act The 8-Tracks. Chris has played DFW’s top clubs, rocked private events, and brought the party atmosphere to weddings across Texas and Louisiana.

When he’s not behind the kit or clocking in at his day job, Chris enjoys exploring the world with his wife, Laurie, checking off those dream destinations on their bucket list.


We’ll learn more about Billy’s storied career very soon!

Billy McCoy of 90 PROOF Country @ The Pour Shack, Keller, TX. Photo by Chris Baudo.
Photo by Flashback Photography


90 PROOF Country is dedicated to delivering an authentic and exhilarating experience that captures the essence of the iconic era when country music soared to new heights. With a repertoire brimming with chart-topping hits from popular artists like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, King George and more, we meticulously craft our performances to pay homage to these legends. 

As the premier ’90s country cover band in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, 90 PROOF brings the spirit and energy of the ’90s to every performance as well as delivering traditional and newer country favorites. We transport our audiences back in time, igniting memories and creating an electric atmosphere that celebrates the golden age of country music. 

Join us on this nostalgic journey and experience the magic of ’90s country live in the heart of Texas with 90 PROOF Country.